Mates History

We are the 2nd largest condom manufacturer in the UK with a range of premium condoms, a loyal customer base and very strong brand awareness. Our brand has undergone numerous re-launches with some pretty impressionable and memorable campaigns some of which have won awards.

Richard Branson launched Mates condoms in the UK in 1987 to promote condoms to young adults at a low price point as awareness of HIV and AIDS grew. A year later Ansell, who were initially manufacturing the condoms for the Virgin brand, bought Mates.

Mates has evolved and developed to keep up with market changes, consumer demand and new product developments whilst always standing for safety and reliability. It is this consistency which has kept Mates a key player in the condom market. Mates can now be purchased in a variety of stores on the High Street, within major supermarkets, chemists and pharmacies.

About The Ansell Group

Ansell Ltd, formerly Pacific Dunlop Ltd, first commenced business in Australia in1905. Eric Ansell was employed at Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company and was asked to dismantle the plants condom making machine. Ansell saw an opportunity and set the machine up in a small rented house.

Today, Ansell Ltd is a world leader in the design, supply, and marketing of barrier protection products and services. Ansell are an international manufacturer of condoms and own a variety of brands around the world – Mates in the UK, Lifestyles in the USA & Australia, and Manix in France to name but a few.

Our operations are organized into three business segments - Professional Healthcare (medical examination and surgical gloves), Occupational Healthcare (industrial and consumer protective gloves), and Consumer Healthcare (condoms).

We manufacture our products at eighteen factories in seven countries selling in more than 100 countries.The majority of our factories are located in Southeast Asia in order to be close to the rubber tree plantations - our source of natural latex.